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Divorcing with kids remember mothers dayHappy Mother’s Day! Being a mother is an awesome responsibility with so many wonderful rewards. A mother’s role is that of love, nurture and the multiple responsibilities of ensuring that all needs are met for everyone. When facing divorce, these roles often multiply as mom must now take on the responsibilities of both parents when solo parenting. Oftentimes, the added responsibilities can increase stress and may become overwhelming until learning to balance both roles. With the additional stress and learning to play both roles, mothers may feel as though they are always dictating orders and feel as if they are a “drill sergeant” making sure that all the homework is completed and chores are accomplished for the day. Many times while attempting to ensure that you are conducting your role as a mother in the best manner possible, you may lose insight on enjoying the children as well as taking care of yourself. Learning to spend quality time with the sole focus on just enjoying the children is needed and how to place the worries and responsibilities behind.

Today, on Mother’s Day, enjoy the prize possession that you were blessed from God above, your children. Whether they were able to buy a gift or only have a homemade card, cherish this day. Divorce stress will be waiting right where you left it as well as all of your daily chores. Make memories of today and inform your children although life may seem chaotic, today and every day they are the reason that life is worth living.

Take time for yourself today to de-stress as you take a break from your personal worries and have a day to you and the family. You are in control of your thoughts, therefore, make sure that controlling your thoughts away from personal divorce problems and toward nurturing yourself today. Ways to accomplish this may be to take time to enjoy an hour of reading your favorite book, drink a glass of hot tea or soak in a hot tub may be just the choice for relaxation. Plan ahead of how you will spend time with your children in helping them celebrate your day.  Parenting during and after divorce is often difficult but the realization that your children will one realize the sacrifices that you make daily will become a reality. Relax, enjoy and happy Mother’s Day.

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